Virtual Human Population Generator
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Sponsored by Bayer CropScience
Developed by HSL

Welcome to PopGen, a free-to-use, online virtual human population generator


PopGen aims to generate data that predict realistic anatomical and physiological variation in human populations. Organ volumes and blood flows are determined for virtual individuals from both a priori distibutions of anthropometric parameters such as body mass, height, and body mass index, and from measured data from existing studies.

Calculations are based on algorithms developed by Bayer Technology Services GmbH and published in Willman et al (2007), Development of a Physiology-Based Whole-Body Population Model for Assessing the Influence of Individual Variability on the Pharmacokinetics of Drugs. Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics 34, 401-431.

New! Developers can now incorporate PopGen into their software using our web service.


Funding for development of this online tool was provided by Bayer CropScience AG. The tool was developed at the UK Health and Safety Laboratory.

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